Porcelain Refinishing
Porcelain Finishes Wear Down Over Time

If your porcelain bathtub or sink is getting hard to clean ... or hard to keep clean, chances are the porcelain finish is wearing off.  Over time, cleaning with harsh abrasives can cause a porcelain surface to become so porous that soap and body oils collect easily on the surface, which makes it nearly impossible to keep clean or look clean, even when you know it is!

When that happens, you don't have to replace!  Refinishing is a much more economical way to restore the surface to its original luster - without the cost and hassle of replacement.  Professional refinishing is a proven process that works on porcelain, fiberglass, acrylic, and cultured marble, and it can add 10 to 20 more years of useful service to your bathtubs and sinks.

Our 30+ years of skill in refinishing, coupled with our high quality refinishing coatings, deliver such beautiful results that the untrained eye can't tell the difference between a refinished bathtub or sink, and a brand new one.

This is a badly damaged porcelain tub before refinishing.
Note all the damage - rust, chips, and stains.
Porcelain bathtub before refinishing

Here's the same tub after refinishing!  All of the damage
has been repaired, so it looks, feels, and cleans like brand new now!
Porcelain bathtub after refinishing

Cultured Marble Refinishing
Choose from Solid Colors or MultiSpec

Cultured (man-made) marble countertops are one-piece units that can have either a single or a double molded bowl, and usually a 4" backsplash.  A problem area with cultured marble is that over time, the bowl will develop hairline cracks near the drain.  This is a perfectly normal characteristic of cultured marble, and it's due to the hot and cold water hitting directly on the surface. 

The good news is that cultured marble countertops and bathtubs can be repaired and then refinished to look new again, while updating the look of your bathroom at the same time.  Choose from either a solid color or one of our popular MultiSpec colors.

Here's a beautiful cultured marble tub set in tile before refinishing.
cultured marble tub before refinishing

Here's the same tub after being refinished in a solid color.
normal view of cultured marble tub after refinishing

Here's a close-up of the inside of the same tub. close-up of cultured marble tub after refinishing

Fiberglass and Acrylic Refinishing
Choose from Solid Colors or MultiSpec

Fiberglass and acrylic bathtubs can come in all sizes, and may be jetted.  Bathroom countertops are generally small, one-piece units that have only one sink and a 4" backsplash.  Like cultured marble, these man-made surfaces can develop hairline cracks near the drain, but they can be repaired and refinished to look better than new!

fiberglass jacuzzi tub before refinishing

fiberglass jacuzzi tub after refinishing  

Shower and Wall Tile Refinishing
No More Mildewed Grout Lines in the Shower

If you have unsightly tile surrounding your bathtub, or on your bathroom or shower walls, don't replace it, because we can refinish it!  Refinishing tile is a more economical and practical alternative to replacing it, because replacement tile can be expensive, and the process of removal and installation can be a big mess that takes a long time. 

If your tile and the wall behind the tile is still in good shape, and all you want to do is update the color, choose refinishing over replacing!  An added benefit to refinishing wall tile around the bathtub or in the shower is that it seals the grout lines so water can't get past the grout anymore.  Result ... no more mildewed grout lines!

Please note that we do not refinish tile shower floors; instead, we replace them with new tile.  Why?  Because water tends to 'stand' in the shower pan and creates moisture that can work itself up through the grout lines and cause the refinished floor to bubble and peel.

Even if the tub and tile surround is in good shape, you can still
update the entire look of your bathroom just by having it refinished in another color!
Porcelain tub and ceramic wall tile before refinishing            Porcelain tub and wall tile after refinishing

Kitchen Countertop Refinishing
Choose from 58 MultiSpec Color Themes!

Whether formica or tile, most kitchen countertops are usually in good shape, which means you can upgrade the entire look of your kitchen just by having the countertops refinished, and our MultiSpec finishes will give you the designer look of Corian without the designer price tag.  Corian can cost upwards of $50 a square foot installed, while our process is half that cost, plus there's no messy tear-out!  If your formica countertops have squared corners, we will make them rounded by routering them, at no extra charge, which will help further achieve the Corian look.

Here is a formica kitchen countertop before and after being refinished with MultiSpec.

MultiSpec is a uniquely decorative paint that consists of individual flecks of different colors, subtly blended to achieve the natural appearance of such materials as granite, cork, leather, and stone.  The finish is durable, and the stone look is truly custom!  Click here to see samples of MultiSpec.

Here is a formica kitchen island before and after being refinished with MultiSpec. 

Chip Repair
Sometimes a Repair is All You Need!

We've been doing chip repair for homebuilders and homeowners across the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex for many years.  From hammers dropping into tubs, to soap dishes and towel bars falling off the wall, chips can happen in homes under construction, in homes just built, and in homes lived in for years!

The good news is, just because a tub or sink has chips, nicks, or scratches, it doesn't necessarily mean it has to be completely refinished.  If the damage is located above the water line, it can be repaired.  If the damage is located below the water line, it can still be repaired, but not guaranteed, because the water can eventually loosen the repair.  If you have a chip below the water line, we recommend refinishing so the work can be guaranteed.

large area chipped down to the cast iron on a porcelain tub     after chip repair!

Chip Repairs - Before and After

large chipped areas on bathtub         chipped area after repair and airbrushing